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An addictive, fun and challenging online multiplayer game
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Word Play! Online Support
Word Play! Online

Play by yourself or challenge the world with this ONLINE word game!

The rules are just like Boggle®, with a slick interface and loaded with features. Even if you are playing alone if you get a score you like you can challenge a friend from your contact list. They'll get an email with a code to use to play with the same exact letters you played with. After they are done you (optionally) get a text message back with who won!

Unlike other word games, this one actually shows you all of the possible words that were on the board too! And after an Online game you don't just get a screen saying who won - you can see all the words each of the competition found!

Quit playing alone, play against others and compete on the Online Leaderboards with Word Play now!

There's much more to come for this game, make sure to update when they are available!

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